Meet our team

Antigona Limani | Strategic Marketing & Sustainability Consultant

"Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business" | Steve Forbes

Antigona is an MBA graduate from Staffordshire University with 15+ years experience in marketing management roles in different companies and industries.

She consults our clients in defining the vision and knowledge gap of the marketing and sustainability function within a company. Her current role as Head of Marketing and PR in Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo and Board Member of CSR Network Kosova adds value to our team in helping our clients with their marketing strategy, brand development, digital marketing transformation, and sustainability strategy/training.

Today we see more customers choosing brands that are behaving in a socially responsible way.

Driton S. Bejtullahu | Management Consultant

"Opportunities are like inner doors of the train wagon where you can leave one wagon to enter the other one. The idea is knowing where the train is headed" | Driton S. Bejtullahu

An MBA Graduate in Strategic Management/Change Management in Danube University Krems (DUK), Driton has 19+ years of experience in different industries with local and international organization for public and private sector.

During the years, his approach was to serve as a bridge between Technology and Management by helping organization improve their business process through integrations of advanced technology and platforms. With the background on ICT, his experience helped him apply integrated management system in different organization during the years. Now he is engaged as a Management Consultant in EBRD projects for empowering local business in Kosovo to increase their level of services and products and support them in the export process toward international markets. In meantime he is a member of Technical Committee for ICT in Kosovo Standardization Agency.

Liridona Raza Cani | ISO Certified Implementer - Trainer

"Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach" | Aristotele

An experienced teacher involved in private and public institution in Albania.

Starting from 2012, Liridona was initially engaged in education institution by providing English language classes. Her ambitions were to extend the knowledge area where she got engaged in ICT projects for local companies in Tirana. Ms. Cani was engaged with our company as an external consultant in regards to Information Security matters from 2018. During this period, she did lead implementation process for management systems for ISO 27001 ISMS in different organization in Albania and Kosovo. She's currently a Business Information Security Officer at Lufthansa Industry Solution, and lately joined our crew to support us in our mission.
We are happy to have hear on board due to her teaching and implementation skills in a wide subjects.