The way we work is changing with the developments in globalization, technology, regulation and demographics; and these will have an impact on the way we work in the future.

Be Consulted, because it is the shortest way for you to become an EXPERT

Our approach

Each organization is unique in the way of their structure and setup. Sustainability is what matters to them as well as their Organization Health. What they really need is a support to find the reason WHY they do exist on the market.

We aim to have an impact on the performance and sustainability of your organization by integrating Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) as part of your long-term business strategy.


So, this is our approach:

"Opportunities are like inner doors of the train wagon where you can leave one wagon to enter the other one.
The idea is knowing where the train is headed."

Driton S. Bejtullahu | CEO @ Be Consulted

Our Roots

We are not here by chance, but by choice. It was the time to step out and support the labor market on capacity building in terms of knowledge, experience sharing, sustainability and business ethics.

So far, from 2018 this is our progress:




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Partnership Agreements

Our Team